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Product Description:

With [ DESIGN - A - FLANGE ] We are Introducing a brand new flange, with an unperalleled level of protection and flexibility.

DESIGN - A - FLANGE is and innovative modular system inserts can be changed depending on your needs. you can design you own configuration based on how many openings you want, where you want them placed, and what type of seal you want to have.

You are no longer forced to use fixed flange with certain number of pre-determined openings. You choose the Configuration that suits your needs.

Product Information

Category: Cable Accessories
Product Specifications

Material: Fiberglass re-inforced Polypropylene and TPE-Hlogen free & UL Approved Materials

Mode of protection: IP65

Temperature range: -20C .... +125C

Test standard: EN60529:1991+A1 , EN60670-1:2005

Semko Report: 816003
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