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IP Printer
Product Description:

Brady's IP™ Thermal Transfer Printer is a new, smart solution for high-performance printing. The Brady IP™ Printer is a fully integrated, easy-to-use printer, material, and software system. Smart Cell technology allows the printer, materials, and ribbon to communicate with each other. The system offers material recognition, automatic formatting, and user-friendly printer features for labels, sleeves, and tags.
Brady IP™ Printer detects loaded material and ribbon and displays the user information on the LCD.
The material information is sent to the software, where template and settings are automatically populated.
Create data on template, then click and print.

Product Information

Category: Marking Solution

Item Code: 360814
Product Specifications

Max. Labels per Day: 1500

Max. Label Width (mm): 105.66

Max. Print Width (mm): 105.66

Max. Print Length (mm): 1,016

Print Resolution (dpi): 300

Keyboard: No

PC Connectivity: Yes

Peripheral Printing: Yes

Portability: No

Stand Alone Printing: No

Connectivity Options: Serial, USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100

Memory: 64MB

Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Continuous & Die Cut Labels

Colour Capability: Single Colour

Bar Code Capability: Yes

Bar Code Type: 1D (Linear), 2D and 1D (Linear)

Dimensions - Width (mm): 240

Dimensions - Height (mm):: 312

Dimensions - Depth (mm): 435

Weight (kg): 5.9

Display: Graphical and Alphanumeric LCD
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