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LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labelling System
Product Description:

With Brady’s LABXPERTTM Labelling System, you can label your vials, vial tops, slides, well plates and more, quickly and easily with durable materials
designed specifically for the lab environment. The labels will not fall off or smear, can fit more information, and are always legible.

Recommended for printing 25 to 100 labels at a time
Continuous and die cut label styles, including tops, self-laminating, and two-label combinations
Drop, Lock & Go Smart Cartridge combines labels and ribbon for a quick and easy change
Built-in lab applications, including vial templates, time and date stamp, and auto-serialization for alloquats
Bar coding capabilities – 2D (only available when connected to software) and linear
Compatible with IdentiLab™ Software
300 dpi print head for sharper resolution on small fonts and bar codes
Memory to store labels
140 Greek and laboratory symbols
AA battery or AC power operation

Product Information

Category: Marking Solution

Item Code: 060900
Product Specifications

Max. Labels per Day : 100

Max. Label Width (mm) : 38.1

Max. Print Width (mm) : 31.75

Max. Print Length (mm): 482

Print Resolution (dpi): 300

Character Height (mm): 31.75

Power Supply : 6 AA's, AC Power (optional)

Keyboard : QWERTY

PC Connectivity : Yes

Peripheral Printing: Yes

Portability: Yes

Stand Alone Printing: Yes

Connectivity Options: USB

Memory: 10 labels

Input: Keypad

Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Continuous & Die Cut Labels

Colour Capability: Single Colour

Bar Code Capability: Yes

Bar Code Type: 1D (Linear), 2D and 1D (Linear)

Dimensions - Width (mm): 241.3

Dimensions - Height (mm): 190.5

Dimensions - Depth (mm): 88.9

Weight (kg): 0.975

Display: LCD
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